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Anyone keen to learn about textile design and print or develop their existing skills can draw on Mary Ann’s knowledge and experience in small or individual classes in her very own studio. This can be in small group or one-to-one sessions, as day, weekend or evening classes.

Mary Ann has degrees in both Education and Textile Design, over thirty years experience as a teacher and has taught textile print and design classes across Scotland, in Newcastle and in London. She has led various outreach projects predominantly for young people in the community.

I really enjoyed every minute of the course.
Genevieve Butler Paris/New York
Enormous satisfaction gained by all the children Jackie Thoms - Douglas Primary School Dundee
I was worried that my panels would be horrible and everybody else’s would be perfect but in the end mine were as good as everyone else’s.
Pupil on project DP School

 Dedicated studio

  Outreach projects in   the community

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